season 2 now in play every wednesday
Finale: November 13th

the game

  • 2 Sets Played Every Wednesday.

  • Each Set Contains 11 Questions.

  • First 10 Questions, Submit Your Answer Using The Point Value Slips Ranging From 1 to 10. Wager Your Points On The 11th Question.

  • Earn As Many Points As Possible Over 10 Wednesdays. Your Teams Points Are Added To A Season Scoreboard.

  • After 10 Wednesdays, Your Team Can Use All Your Points To Wager During The Season’s Final Round. The Team With The Most Points At The End Wins The Grand Prize Of $600.


  • Geography

  • In The News

  • Science/Math

  • Sports

  • History

  • Pop Culture (Movie, TV, Music, Art, Fashion, etc)

  • Food & Drink

  • The Occasional Oddball



  • Teams of up to six players

  • no cellphones during game

  • if you are caught cheating you are permanently disqualified

  • you can join a season at anytime

  • you are given 60 seconds to submit your answer once the question is read twice.


season 1 final scoreboard

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